Platform Specs

The main distinguishing characteristics of YourID’s platform are as follows:

• Many different uses in just one single solution, for all kinds of online and physical access.

• Fast enrolment. With just your name, last name, email address and phone number, you can start your account. In addition, YourID allows you to enrol by logging in using your existing account of Google, Facebook, Amazon or LinkedIn.

• Control over your data. With an easy and intuitive interface, you know who has what kind of information from you. Also, you can revoke access to your information at any time.

• Import your data from other platforms. You can easily manage all the data that you own because in just one central place you have all information that you generated in social networks and other platforms.

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• Identity Verification Service, provided by external parties. With YourID you can have all your verified identity documents – like your ID card, passport, driver license, Social Security documents and much more – in one central place.

• Importing existing KYC. YourID will be integrated with trusted banks and institutions, from which you will be able to import your existing verifications and history, and use it with other companies.

• Fast response, by using the biometric authentication feature in your device. This differentiates YourID from other systems that are based on one to many matching and need to search the entire database.

• Ultimate security, fulfilling or even superseding all international security standards and the highest level of certifications. This applies to YourID’s software, infrastructure and organization.

• Highly secure storage of personal data, due to the meticulous design of the system, and the rigorous safety tests and protocols, based on ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

• Available to everyone, it can be used by Consumers, Companies and Governments.

• Easy integration (OpenID & SAML), encouraging collaboration with many parties that can easily integrate their existing system, website or identity server with YourID’s app.

• Highly scalable. YourID’s service can scale to hundreds of millions of users and is therefore capable to become the global standard for secure identity and access control.

App Specs

Additional to the unique characteristics that the app enjoys by being part of the platform, YourID’s app offers several specific advantages when compared to other apps that offer online and physical access control:

• Password-less Authentication, which is very convenient since it eliminates the need for usernames, passwords, tokens, SMS codes, etc., that other apps still depend upon.

• Frictionless Authorization, allowing you to access any online or physical premise without tedious process.

It is far more versatile since it can be used for many different scenarios.

It offers a higher security level, as shown by its (pending) certification according to the U.S. Government Approved Protection Profile for mobile apps, and EAL1+.

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YourID offers an API to be integrated into existing apps, allowing to use YourID’s platform right away. Furthermore, the app offers the following identification functions:

Device’s biometric sensors will be used to unlock user certificates to identify for the YourID platform. Within the different types of sensor are fingerprint (Touch ID or Android), face recognition system (Face ID), retina sensor and voice recognition among others. It requires that the device has a secure encryption environment to store keys.

• Biometric multifactor ID, enrolling different types of biometrics (Fingerprints, Face, Voice, Signature) by using device cameras and sensors. YourID will allow for a reliable and highly secure way to identify you, and provide maximum privacy, as this biometric information will be stored securely in the device.

The app can show the details of a transaction performed by you. You provide authorization by accepting and signing it.

By using the app together with the PC, the mobile phone can act as an identification and authorization device. The app can connect with any website using QR codes and the phone’s camera.

The enrolment procedure can include an identity scan and verification, performed by an external Identity Verification Service provider (for example Mitek, Netverify or Trulioo). The identity can be verified against databases of information.

The app can identify you through a selfie, that will be compared with the ID that has been provided.

The app allows you to digitally sign transactions, by using advanced signatures through digital certificates.

The app can detect and connect with a nearby certified hardware device (small receiver for physical access), and can transmit your identification to provide access. If the mobile phone supports NFC, it is also possible to connect with NFC.